Insurance Reports

These days it is common for insurers to request an engineer’s report for purchased vehicles before they will provide insurance. For imported vehicles this report is mandatory. In addition to this, there is a database of insurance claims for vehicles in the UK and Ireland, so you may be unaware of previous repairs carried out on your vehicle which would then be flagged by your insurance company. In these cases, they may request a full engineer’s report to determine that the vehicle is in an acceptable condition.

At Pro Assess, our skilled engineers can provide comprehensive engineer’s reports for all types of insurance queries and claims.

Insurance Claim Salvage

There are four categories for insurance claim salvage as set out by the regulating bodies for the motor insurance industry.

Category A and B vehicles can never return to the road. Category C and D vehicles can be sold as damaged, repaired, and subsequently sold as a repaired vehicle.

Accident & Fire

We offer advice and a comprehensive report service for vehicles which have been damaged in an accident, including fire damage. Our service includes valuation and salvage estimates, damage cost estimates and/or a review of your current claim.

Fire damage claims can prove particularly troublesome. We are specialists in providing independent fire investigation services and reports which give a fair and professional account of fire damaged vehicles.

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