Trucks, Tractors, Plant & Equipment

Trucks & Tractors

Truck and tractors are considered specialist areas; proper assessment of these vehicles requires a trained, fully qualified engineer such as those at Pro Assess. In situations where vehicle hauliers, agricultural contractors and those in the agricultural profession encounter a dispute with their insurance company, an independent assessment and/or report is usually required. With over 25 years’ experience in dealing with this particular industry, Pro Assess is perfectly placed to provide assistance for all types of assessment. Using an engineer who is not fully qualified runs the risk of incurring hefty additional costs.

Plant & Equipment

Plant and equipment are also considered specialist areas requiring a fully qualified engineering specialist. At Pro Assess, we can assist with all manner of queries relating to plant and equipment including any damage sustained, concerns about quality, and professional valuations after theft.

As with trucks and tractors, assessments and valuations for plant and equipment should only be undertaken by skilled, trained professionals. At Pro Assess, we have decades of experience and all the necessary qualifications to deal with these types of request.