Pro Assess complete professional, comprehensive modification reports for NCT/CVRT failures, where needed and for all types of HGV’s. In situations where a vehicle has failed their inspection, an engineer’s report may be required to certify that repairs made do not compromise the vehicle structure. These checks can only be carried out by engineers with a minimum level 7 engineering qualification.

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV)

Some HGV’s require an engineer’s report following any modifications, e.g. changes to the vehicle’s body or a vehicle extension. Our skilled, fully qualified engineers can provide a complete report for all types of HGV.

VRT Modification Report

When importing a vehicle, occasionally the VRT office will require a vehicle modification report be completed by a suitably qualified individual (SQI). These reports are completed in a specific format and can only be carried out by fully qualified engineers such as those at Pro Assess.

Taxi Service

The National Transport Authority (NTA), require certification of certain wheelchair accessible vehicles. These reports come in standard form from the NTA with the Technical Assessors Full Report and Assessors Basic Report for wheelchair accessible vehicles.

These reports are necessary to confirm that the vehicle taxi complies with the Taxi Regulation Acts of 2013 and 2016.

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